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Exploring Wynwood´s Neighbourhood in Miami

Hello Nextinationer,

If you like street art, graffiti, murals and grunge bars, Wynwood is undoubtedly your place.

I think that, when I came to Miami 5 years ago,  this district already existed but it was not yet very famous yet, that is why I didn’t know about it at that time.

Last year, when I came back to Miami thanks to the Sea cruise I did with Norwegian Cruise Line, which departured from Miami, I did not want to miss this neighbourhood, cause I love street art and also, people recommended me to go.

Wynwood become a very nice surprise. It is a neighborhood full of streets full of graffitis. In fact, it is quite common to see some artist painting graffiti in situ as we saw, so you can see the creation of one of them on site.

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The Wynwood transformation

Before this neighborhood became one of the most fashionable neighborhoods in Miami, it was mostly inhabited by Puerto Rican citizens and the area was renamed Little San Juan, being the capital of Puerto Rico. Later, Colombians and Cubans arrived and in the 70s it was a high crime area full of Latino gangs.

Thanks to Tony Goldman’s innovative project who saw great potential here, the area began to be transformed in 2009. He saw in these old warehouses the possibility of using them as giant canvases.

Tony Goldman worked in real estate and was an Art visionary. In addition to Miami Beach, his company transformed Wynwood, which went from being a district of abandoned warehouses and a refuge for homeless people to being a vibrant center of art where the galleries that are here today attract a multitude of artists and thousands of visitors.

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Wynwood Walls

At Wynwood you will find gigantic and colorful murals, which are actually works of art, spread out like a giant canvas throughout the surrounding streets so the best thing to do is to walk around aimlessly and enjoy all the artistic creativity that the artists have artists have given free rein here.

If you continue walking, you will arrive to an area called «Wynwood Walls» with a black fence where several murals and where an industrial unit called Wynwood Doors hosts temporary exhibitions.

We were lucky to see here the works of Peter Tunney. He is a New Yorker Neo pop artist who works with art and text. His works are usually great collages where he mixes packaging materials such as newspapers and curious drawings and phrases. I loved all his works, but they are unfortunately not so cheap to buy. Below you can see two of his works and I leave more information about the artist if you click here because I think his work is worth taking a look at.

I liked his work a lot because they all have a positive message like this one below «Love Life» or «Don´t panic» «Mind over body» among many others and these phrases become the central element in his graphic work.

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Wynwood Restaurants

The entire Wynwood area is full of super trendy and cool outdoor places where the people in Miami usually come especially on weekends to have a good time, have brunch, enjoy a beer or a drink on one of its terraces with live music. Here, I recommend you some:

  • Within the same Wynwood Walls is «Wynwood Kitchen and Bar» also created by Tony Goldman, with a large terrace where you can eat outdoors, but it also has a super colorful restaurant, with walls full of murals – it could not be otherwise- where you can taste the Latin influenced cuisine thanks to its chef Miguel Aguilar.
  • Dukunoo Jamaican Kitchen. The restaurant is so cool: the decoration, music, atmosphere … etc.
  • El Patio.
  • Vandalo Wynwood
  • Caja Caliente where in addition to eating the specialty, Cuban tacos, you also find Cuban tamales or poké bowls. The site follows the aesthetics of the district, an outdoor space filled with colorful tables and chairs, as well as various murals. ¡No se ha encontrado la galería!
  • Midtown Garden Center. You can not miss this place while here. It is a mix of nursery garden with infinity of plants and flowers for sale where you can recharge your batteries and reconnect with nature in this kind of urban jungle. But also, they have several foodtrucks with delicious dishes where you can have a snack or rest for a while. Be sure to try their tacos as well as a juice at Devia Juice Bar. ¡No se ha encontrado la galería!

Although this area is always lively, I recommend you to go during the celebration of the Art Basel Festival, since they usually do events, parties with music and live shows. This year 2020 will take place from December 3 to 6.

You can also do one of the many tours that there are to visit the whole area. You can check here all the information. Even if you want to try the art of graffiti, there is an art class where you can paint your own piece on individual paper that you can then take home. It  think it is a super original activity. More info here.

Also I leave here the link to more activities and tours that you can do in Miami, in case you may be interested:

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Thank you so much for reading me.

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