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best «Instagram Spots» in Bali

 Best «Instagram Spots» in Bali

Hi Nextinationer,

That this island is incredibly beautiful, we already knew it, right? and that is super photogenic, that too, so if you go to visit it, you can not miss the best «Instagram Spots» of Bali.

Today, I share with you the best «Instagram Spots» de Bali, so you can know where to find them:

1. Tegenungan Waterfall

Who has not seen photos of Bali and its so many and magical waterfalls? One of them is this, the Tegenunan waterfall, in Ubud and close to the «Monkey Forest». 

But in addition to this one, I also recommend you to visit these too:

  • Banyumala
  • GitGit
  • Nungnung
  • Dusun Kuning
  • Tukad Cepung

 2. El Kabrón Restaurant

This pool lounge club / restaurant (owned by a Spaniard) has a Mediterranean Ibiza-like twist in the middle of Bali. You can enjoy the amazing views high on a cliff all day long. You can even bathe in the pool at sunset while enjoying one of their cocktails to the rhythm of their DJs or you can go eat as we did and enjoy its quiet atmosphere and its magnificent mediterranean-spanish cuisine. It is best to book a table through their website.

It opens from 11.20 a.m. to 10 p.m. Website. 

3. Tropical Fruits

One of the most photographed things in Bali are its fruits. Get one of its tropical fruits such as this one called Dragon Fruit which is pink and is super «instagrammable». Also, you can get one of the thousand coconuts that they are in the island 😉

4. Infinity Pools

One of the most amazing things to do in Bali is to book a hotel with one amazing infinity pool over the jungle or overlooking the ocean and tick off that from your «bucket list». What are you waiting for?

I recommend you these ones at:

  • Indigo Seminyak Hotel
  • Bisma Eight Hotel. overlooking the jungle
  • Ayana Hotel in Jimbaran, probably my favourite one.

5. Kynd Community

If you are one of those who like to photograph food, you would love Bali, since almost all the places here are super photogenic. In addition, Balinese food is delicious and vegan and «healthy» food has become very trendy in the island.

One of the places you can not miss is Cafe Kynd Community.

6. The Temples

The Temples in Bali are constantly photographed and there is no need to say why. They are too beautiful to be true.

I recommend you to visit at least these ones:

7. The beaches

We can not forget their beaches. Bali has some amazing beaches white sand an a beautiful turquoise-blue sea and waves, well known by surfers. One of the most beautiful one is Padang Padang Beach. I loved this one beacause it was one of the spots where the movie «Eat, Pray, Love» was filmed.

8.Rock Bar Bali

This is one of the places that I liked most in Bali in terms of views: The Rock Bar Bali. The best time to go is certainly in the late afternoon, since from here you can enjoy one of the most beautiful sunsets of the island. Who can resist to have a drink literally on the rocks? 😉 

9. Campuhan Ridge Walk

One of the places that is becoming one of the most photographed ones is this walk along the top of the hills in Ubud from where you can see rice fields, part of the surrounding forest and many, many palm trees. It is a really amazing walk.

10. La Plancha

One of the most incredible places where have a drink at sunset is «La Plancha» in the area of Seminyak. You can sit near the sea, in one of their chairs in the sand, under a colourful umbrella while sipping a cocktail listening good music and having the waves in the background. Is it not the perfect ending to a day in Bali?

11. Sea Circus

Bali has hundreds of places where you can eat or have a drink. To be honest, the decoration of all the places in Bali is really amazing. One of the most photographed places is «Sea Circus» for its colorful walls and its beautiful interior.

12. Coffee Plantation

Drink up on the Best Coffee Bali has to offer . For coffee fanatics or otherwise, trying Bali’s special coffee brew is a definite experience no one should miss. You definitely have to plan a trip to one of the many coffee farms! Watch as friendly locals show you the coffee roasting process, crushing of beans; and finally, brewing in water with additional herbs in order to provide you with a great cup of Kopi, herbal ginger tea, coffee ginseng, coconut coffee and more.

You must try the «Kuwak Coffee» It is a coffee extracted from the depositions of an animal similar to the civet, called Kuwak, that eats the coffee beans and digests them, Actually, it ts the most expensive coffee in the world, costing up to €20 for a cup of coffee in some places in Europe.


13. Mexicola Restaurant

The most beautiful Mexican restaurant in the world! It is the first thing that everyone thinks when comes inside. The outside does not do any justice but once you are inside there´s a beautiful and large patio with tables and a two-storey building. It is full of decoration, neon signs, there is a good music and an incredible atmosphere. In addition,the food is just great and the staff is excellent. I do recommend this place so much.

14. Rice fields

There is nothing more amazing in Bali that explore its rice fields. It has a few of them, but the most famous ones are called Tegalalang and they are so easy to explore due to the proximity to Ubud. It is true that depends on what season you visit Bali, landscape changes but it is really amazing in any season. Have you ever been in a rice field?  

15. Sunflower and wildflower fields

I never thought I would find a sunflower field in Bali but I found it and in a very unexpected way, since it is located inside the Sardine Restaurant in Seminyak. By the way, you should come to dinner here one day, the food is 10 and the restaurant is beautiful.

Traveling around Bali by car or motorcycle is something I recommend you so much, since it is the best way to get to know the island. You will see several fields of wild flowers like the one below.

16. Pink pool at W Hotel Bali

One of the coolest places to spend the day in Seminyak, and there are many, is the Hotel W pool in Seminyak. If pink is your color, you like flamingos and drink cocktails in pink coconuts, this is your place.

17. The bamboo entrance of the W Hotel

One of the most beautiful entries I’ve ever seen, made from bamboo creating a tunnel.

18. Gardens and villas of the Komaneka Hotel in Keramas Beach

The Komaneka hotel on Keramas beach is one of my favorite hotels in Bali. Its villas are really spectacular with private pool and the best views.

19. Black beach of Keramas Beach

One of the characteristics of this beach is its black sand, contrasting with the blue of the sea. It is beautiful and one of those places that are still untouched in Bali.

20. Flower baths

One of the things you have to do if you go to Bali is trying one flower bath. No one prepares a flower bath better like Balinese people. You have to try them.

21. Floating Breakfast

Another thing you can’t miss it while in Bali is to ask for a floating breakfast. You can enjoy it in your pool. This is, definitely, one of the things you need to do at least once in a lifetime.

22. Potato Head Beach Club

The Potato Head Beach Club is one of the most famous Beach Clubs in Bali. The decoration attracts attention as well as the cocktails and the food. We were there once during the day light, where you can enjoy the pool watching the ocean while you have a cocktail.  And, we decided to go back for dinner at night and both the atmosphere and the food were incredible.

23. Palm trees

If you like palm trees, then Bali I can be one your «happy places» as they are everywhere.

24. Lotus ponds

One of the things we discovered by chance on our way to the Lempuyang Luhur temple.

25. Indigo Hotel Lobby in Seminyak

This hotel is another of my favorites on the island and it is not for less. It is spectacular. I really liked the lobby and the fact that they have many activities to do in the surroundings like a bicycle tour around  Seminyak.

26. Swing above the jungle

Of the funniest things I’ve done and, at the same time a little bit scary and full of adrenaline, was swinging on this gigantic swing that hangs from several trees above the jungle!

There are several in Bali but without a doubt I recommend that of this particular place called «Wanagiri Hidden Hill» that also has other «Instagram spots» like the butterfly that you can see in the photo below this one.

27.  Watch the baby turtle release

With no doubt, one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen. While at the Lawn beach club in Canggu, we attended to the baby turtles release and watched them go to the sea. It was one of those moments that one will remember forever.

Bali has a Sea Turtle Society where they help the turtles nest and helps the young ones to reach the sea after birth. This is the website if you want more info.

28. Its sunsets

I’ve always said that Bali has one of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen. You have to come here to see them live and direct.

29. Lawn Beach Club in Canggu

Another of the famous beach clubs in Bali is this one located in the Canggu area. I loved it!!

30. Helicopter in Bali

One of those still hidden places in Bali is this helicopter in the middle of the jungle.

I hope you liked this post and above all, that you found it useful when looking for the best «Instagram Spots» in Bali.

Personally, the first time I came here, I loved the island, but the second time, I came back completely in love with it. Need to go back again!

Despite being an island not too big there are millions of things to see and do.  You can check here also Where to stay in Bali?

Stay tuned for my next posts about Bali.

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  1. Bali has been on my to-visit list for years. I really love the look of that shutter wall. You are right — it makes the perfect backdrop. You are definitely more adventurous than me regarding those swings. While it is a perfect spot for a picture — I don’t know if I could do it. But man — it looks so liberating!

  2. I don’t need much more convincing to go to Bali. These pictures are amazing and it looks like such a great place to visit. Holy FOMO moment.

  3. When I think about Bali, I think about how Instagrammable this part of Indonesia is. I’ve seen various photos online and heard stories of how beautiful Bali is. And, with everything you’ve shared here, I guess you really have convinced me enough to visit Bali soon. Anyway, of all the places you shared here, my favorite of them all is the stunning view of the El Kabrón Restaurant. I truly loved it!

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