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Where to travel this Autumn: Discover the European cities

Where to travel this Autumn: Discover the European cities

Hi Nextinationer,

Summer came to an end, and with that, the good temperatures, the hours of sun and light and the beach days.

Those days have turned into shorter days, rainy and cold days and it is time for you to put some autumn clothes on.

We are in those days of transition and in the process of assimilation to colder temperatures, to the routine, etc. For me September, more than an end, implies a new beginning. Maybe because my birthday is at the end of August, September for me, implies the beginning of the time where I am a year older.

I have always associated this month, therefore, with the beginnings: the beginning of classes, the beginning of coming back to work after holidays…

In September, I like to create new purposes and new goals and why not, new plans.

Now, we are already in October, so it is time to plan the Autumn holidays.

Yes, we all need that coming back to the routine and to those grey, shorter and, somehow, a little bit «depressing days» be as bearable as possible, so why not to do a short break?

That is why in this post, you will find the best cities in Europe to travel this Autumn.

Surely you are thinking that you do not have more days off,  that you cannot leave now that you have just arrived, etc. It is not necessary to leave for a week. If you can, it is perfect, but also, it can be only 2-3 days, like a long weekend.

It is more than enough to recharge those batteries that seem to be uncharged at this time of year.

Where to travel in Autumn?


If Amsterdam is beautiful in spring with all the flowers blooming, it is no less beautiful in Autumn. with all the leaves changing color. I have visited Amsterdam in all seasons and, no doubt for me, Autumn is the most beautiful one to visit.

Autumn Events in Amsterdam

  • European Buddhist Film Festival
  • The Da Bounce Urban Film Festival that offers an international platform for lovers of urban cinema and the film industry.
  • «Cinekid» Festival. This annual film, television and new media festival has a wide variety of screenings and activities adapted to children.
  • Every November, the Amsterdam International Documentary Film Festival (IDFA) transforms the city center of Amsterdam into a paradise for documentary fans.
  • «Open day» of the monuments where those sites that are closed to the public, open so that you can visit those days.
  • Halloween is celebrated in style in the Dutch capital.
  • Arrival of Sinterklaas. It may seem similar to Santa Claus or Santa Claus, but «Sinterklaas» (Saint Nicholas) is a very Dutch character loved by children and adults alike. His arrival in Amsterdam in mid-November of each year traditionally marks the official start of the city’s festive season.
  • At the end of November of each year, Amsterdam’s avant-garde contemporary art venues come together for the Amsterdam Art Weekend.
  • Turning on the Christmas lights. Amsterdam’s luxury department store, De Bijenkorf, opens the holiday season with a bright show and festive joy. This year is November 14.
  • The Night of the Museums where they are open until 2 am. and they are also accompanied by live music, DJ, food, special events, etc.
  • Amsterdam Marathon
  • «ADE or Amsterdam Dance Event» that brings together more than 2,500 of the biggest and most promising dance artists in the world to play in 140 of the best clubs in Amsterdam.
  • Festival of Contemporary Photography called Unseen.

Here you have the website where you can check all the events in Amsterdam.


Located in northern Germany, it is the second most populous city in the country.

As a curious fact is that ,even being the second largest port in Europe after Rotterdam, Hamburg has no sea, but the Elbe river is navigable for 100 kilometres to reach the sea.

Hamburg is full of atmosphere. Discover the neighborhood of Sankt Pauli, where the Beatles became known or their Portuguese area, one of the most charming in the city. Visit the Philharmonic Building, one of the most important architectural buildings in Germany and walk around Speicherstadt area, declared Cultural Heritage by UNESCO.

Autumn Events in Hamburg

  • The Night of the Theaters
  • European Heritage Day. As in the rest of Europe, this day the monuments that are normally closed to the public are open to the public. This event takes place annually during the second weekend of September.
  • Oktoberfest. Although it is not here as famous here as in Munich, they also celebrate the beer festival here.
  • Fantasy Film Festival.
  • In «FilmFest Hamburg», filmmakers, celebrities and movie stars will walk the red carpet again to see the exclusive premieres of some of the most anticipated German, European and international films.
  • World Children’s Day, celebrated here as a Festival for children in Planten un Blomen Park. Music and dance performances by groups of children from Japan, China, Uganda, Portugal, Brazil and Vietnam. In addition to many other activities, music performances, theatre, etc.


If you are looking for a short break but somewhere where autumn has not yet arrived yet and therefore the cold, I recommend you to visit Malta.

[wp-svg-icons icon=»pushpin» wrap=»i»]If you want to know more about the island of Malta click here.

I visited the island in mid-October and although it rained quite a lot one a day, the other 2 days, it was sunny and warm, with around 20-25 degrees Celsius.

This small country is made up of several islands, the three being inhabited: Malta, Comino and Gozo. Malta is the most densely populated place in Europe, and occupies a strategic position in the Mediterranean, which is why several countries have disputed it for centuries. It is really amazing and full of history with the Knights of the Order of Malta.

In addition, last year, 2018, Malta was the European Capital of Culture.

Valletta, the capital of Malta, was strategically planned at sea by the Knights of Malta and, today, has been declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco in 1980.

For this and other reasons, join me if you want to know what to see and do in Malta!

Autumn Events in Malta

  • Qormi Wine Festival. Qormi, in southern Malta, is famous for its wine culture. Winemakers from all over the archipelago present their best wines for public tastings, and there is also a live music program and food stalls serving local cuisine.
  • Boat Regatta. Teams from five Maltese port cities compete in this Regatta. As all the participants sail in traditional Maltese wooden boats, the race is a beautiful spectacle, whether you are a sailing enthusiast or not.
  • Notte Bianca. Just for one night, this festival in Valletta hosts concerts, theater and dance performances and visual arts exhibitions. The event is the largest outdoor festival on the island and attracts people from all over the archipelago. The celebrations continue until the early hours of the morning, so get ready for the party.
  • The most important is the BirguFest. Discover the rich history of the fortified city of Birgu. During this weekend celebration, visitors can see exciting historical reenactments, explore churches and buildings that are generally closed to the public, and enjoy local food and live music.
  • If you like classic cars, you can’t miss the «Malta Classic». Each year, the owners of some of the oldest antique cars in the world drive their vehicles to Mdina to participate in a series of exhibitions and tours throughout the historic city.
  • Rolex Middle Sea Race. It is one of the most exciting autumn sailing events in the Mediterranean and attracts sailing teams from around the world to compete in an epic 50-hour race.
  • Mediterranean Festival. If you have time to visit the neighboring island of Gozo, be sure to visit this festival, which presents a program of concerts, theatrical performances and operas of a combination of local and international artists.

Leeds in United Kingdom

Leeds?  Never heard about this city before. Where is it? These and some others may be normal reactions.

Many people have never heard of Leeds, me included, until I went and Oh! How is it possible that I didn’t hear about this amazing city before?

It was totally unexpected and a pleasant surprise. Yes that is true. I didn’t expect Leeds to be that beautiful, but I knew it from the moment I went out to the street to discover, walking, this city.

Also, less than an hour away is the impressive York County or Yorkshire. I really recommend you that, if you go 3 days to Leeds, you dedicate one to the latter. Click on the link for more info.

Autumn Events in Leeds

  • Leeds International Film Festival. Leeds is a leading center for film culture. There will be 300 events held in 30 places in the city, in independent cinemas, music halls and universities. It will take place from November 3 to 17. More information: leedsfilm.com
  • Bonfire night along with fireworks to welcome the cold and autumn. On November 4 in several parks in the city.
  • Thought bubble festival at the Leeds pier. It is the largest event of this kind in the United Kingdom: an annual celebration art in all its forms, including superhero comics. November 5th and 6th.
  • Festival of the compass in Leeds. Created for all ages, the Compass Festival will enliven the city of Leeds with brilliant interactive live art projects in libraries, markets, museums, shopping centers and secret places.
  • The «Magical Lantern Festival» makes its debut in Leeds after the successful launch in the United Kingdom in London last year. It is a festival of light where you will see giant lanterns, which represent Christmas, traditional Chinese culture as well as there will be a small amusement park. More information here.


This year, finally, I was able to visit Riga, one of the Baltic cities. Since I moved in to Moscow I had wanted to go.

What to expect from Riga?

The old part of Riga is a UNESCO World Heritage Site so expect to see narrow streets with cobblestones, medieval houses full of color and corners, restaurants, cafes, squares and parks full of charm! It is known as «the Paris of the North» and is the city in the world with more buildings in Art Nouveau style, almost 700!

[wp-svg-icons icon = «pushpin» wrap = «i»] Read here if you want to know what to see and do in Riga in 72 hours.

Events in Autumn in Riga

  • Mikelis Day is celebrated during the autumn solstice, when the sun turns to winter: this is the time when day and night have the same duration and astronomical autumn. This is an important time of the year for farmers, when it is time to celebrate the harvest. Market squares will be full of pumpkins, apples, pears, blueberries, blueberries and much more grown in Latvia. The ladies of the house will offer homemade jams, cheeses, traditional cakes and homemade bread.
  • «Restaurant Week.» From October 7-13, the restaurants of Riga open their doors to all gourmets willing to enjoy a variety of delicious flavors at an especially affordable price of 15-20 euros for a three-course meal, prepared by experienced and innovative chefs They give each meal a modern and sophisticated touch.
  • On November 11 of each year, Latvia lights numerous candles to commemorate the victory of the Latvian army over the Voluntary Army of Western Russia on November 11, 1919. On this day, Latvia honors the Freedom Fighters of Latvia. Several events take place throughout Latvia.
  • Staro Rīga Light Festival. Every year, during Latvia’s independence day festivities in November, Riga organizes an incredible festival of light for some nights. Dozens of buildings and landmarks throughout the city are illuminated.
  • «Mārtiņdiena» or Martin’s Day in the Latvian calendar marks the end of autumn and the beginning of winter, since all agricultural work has been completed. To bring luck, prosperity and harmony every year, people dressed in masks and went out to sing and dance.


If you have always wanted to visit the Russian capital, autumn is a good time to do so. Of course, I recommend you to spend at least 3-4 days here because there is so much to see.

In September and October the cold has not yet been installed. The days are somewhat shorter than in summer and it usually rains, but the city is beautiful with all the parks and trees changing color. And if Moscow is characterized by something, it is because of the large number of parks and green spaces it has.

In addition, now is when the low season begins, which implies that the flights are cheaper and there are fewer tourists, and therefore, less queues and people to visit the sites.

In November and December, although not every year, there may be snow and it is still not as cold as in winter, so it is still a good time to come and see her covered by white without being very cold.

Keep in mind that Orthodox Christmas is celebrated in Moscow. These one begin 15 days after ours, so do not expect to come at the beginning of December and see the Christmas Markets because they are not being installed until mid-December. Never before.

Events in Autumn in Moscow

  • Moscow day. Although the official day is September 12, the first weekend of the month is usually celebrated, with theatrical performances organized by local and international artists, outdoor concerts, sports activities, master classes, excursions and special offers of restaurants.
  • In the Red Square during this month they install an Autumn market that is filled with pumpkins, mushrooms and mushrooms, jams and typical products of this era. There are also master classes, performances, etc.
  • Circle of Lights It is a festival of lights that illuminates different monuments and colors in Moscow. One of the most beautiful is the mapping on the facade of the Bolshoi Theater.
  • National Unity Day is celebrated on the first weekend of November. There will be concerts in the streets and places, exhibitions of folk crafts and national kitchens.

Asturias, Spain

Why not a weekend in the most beautiful Spa in Spain? It is the Thermal Spa of Las Caldas, in Oviedo, Asturias.

The Las Caldas Villatermal complex has two hotels: the five-star Gran Hotel and the four-star Enclave Hotel. The whole complex is surrounded by green fields, which at this time of the year is beautiful.

It is so peaceful and relaxing. Here, you will only hear in the background the moaning of a cow, the bleating of a sheep that hovers around or the flow of the water from the Spa.

The Spa has several pools at different temperatures, saunas, steam baths and relaxation rooms. But the most beautiful is the architecture of the site, imitating the classic Roman baths with a glass ceiling.

However, the jewel of the Spa is La Sala de las Columnas. It is the most exclusive, luxurious and private room of the Spa.

Definitely, a thermal experience to try once in a lifetime, a weekend with a disconnection mode on. Here you can eat delicious Asturian food and also, why not, go to Oviedo to walk around one of the most beautiful cities in Spain, just 20 minutes by taxi. One of the best plans to charge those batteries and get into the fall with lot of energy.

[wp-svg-icons icon = «pushpin» wrap = «i»] Click here to find out more about the Spa.

How to get to Oviedo?

The best way is to fly to Madrid and from there take another flight to Oviedo.

River Cruise in Europe

It is possibly one of the trips I’ve done that I liked the most. In addition, it was completely different from the others, since I  had never done any type of cruise before.

For 7 days we toured the Seine from Paris to Normandy and returned back to Paris.

We stopped in beautiful villages like Conflans Saint Honorine or Rouen. We saw sites as impressive as the Gardens of Versailles with the Petit Trianon where Maria Antonieta lived, the cliffs of Etretat or the gardens of Giverny where Monet lived for so many years.

The activities we did during the Cruise were really incredible and also super varied: from cycling, painting, mixology, yoga / pilates in the morning, to see a burlesque show at the famous Moulin Rouge.

[wp-svg-icons icon = «pushpin» wrap = «i»] It seems that Ubyuniworld currently does not do this Seine Cruise anymore, but they do an other River Cruises in Europe.

  • River Cruise from Vienna to Belgrade
  • Vienna to Nuremberg River Cruise
  • Two type of Danube River Cruise
  • Amsterdam to Frankfurt River Cruise
  • Amsterdam to Brussels River Cruise

Here you can find more information about all the cruises.

I hope you have found your next trip in this post and that it has inspired you to book that plane ticket.

What city in Europe are you going to travel this fall?

If you have any questions or questions, you can send me an email or write it in comments.

If you want to see more pictures of my travels, since here I only put a few, do not hesitate to follow me in my Instagram clicking here. and subscribe to the blog here:

Thank you so much for reading me.

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