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 Amsterdam Travel Guide (2020 update)

 Amsterdam Travel Guide

Hi Nextinationer,

If you have not been to Amsterdam yet, I recommend you to take a short trip soon. This city has a lot to offer. What are you waiting for?

To help you making the most of your time in this city, also called «the Venice of the North» for its infinite number of water canals, I have prepared an «Amsterdam travel guide» with recommendations for you.

When is the best time to visit Amsterdam?

The city is beautiful at any season and I can say that I have visited it in all of them, but I have to say that Autumn maybe is the best time to visit the Netherlands.

Yes, in spring you can see all the tulips blooming in the fields and it really is beautiful. Summer is also a very good time to visit the city because the days are longer and the weather is good. In winter, the city is decorated with Christmas decoration and the weather invites you to stay indoors in its cute restaurants and cafes. But in Autumn, Amsterdam is dyed beige, brown, yellow and acquires truly spectacular hues.

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You can’t miss

  • Stroll around Jordaan, one of the most picturesque neighborhoods in Amsterdam.
  • The Rijksmuseum
  • Van Gogh Museum
  • Take a tour on one of the boats along its canals.
  • Flower market or Bloemenmarkt
  • Anne Frank House
  • Red Light District It is worth strolling around there.
  • The Seven Bridges. The place is at the confluence of the Keizersgracht channels with Reguliersgracht.
  • The Amsterdam Light Festival is held once a year in winter. If you visit the city during its celebration, do not hesitate to take the boat that makes the cruise «Water Colors», which will take you through the canals where you can see the facilities, sculptures of lights and projections.
  • «De Foodhallen» a food market that has opened just a year ago and is like the «San Miguel Market» in Madrid, «the Chelsea Market» in New York or «the Borough Market» in London. You can find Korean food, Italian food, Japanese, Mexican, American food etc. I think it is one of the places to visit while in Amsterdam and where to make a stop to eat or rest for a while and have a drink. They also have a Gin Tonics stall. It is a large industrial building that has been renovated and rebuilt not only with the market, but there is also a cinema and several design stores and showrooms. The address is: Bellamyplein 51 in the western part of the city. You have to walk for a while because it is a bit far from the tourist area but it is totally worth it.
  • If you like architecture, you cannot miss the Bangehuis building, art deco style. It was an office building in the Spuistraat, built in 1934. In 1971 the building was rented by the University of Amsterdam. Nowadays, it belongs to the SoHo House Hotel.
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  • Kalverstraat, a pedestrian street full of shops
  • Nine streets It is an area with boutique shops, art galleries and lots of cafes and restaurants very cute. A very picturesque area that is becoming one of the hot spots in recent years, with many boutiques and designer shops, where to find different clothes and accessories. It is full of cute cafes and restaurants with great atmosphere and full of local people(at least for now). You can not miss the Juffrouw Splinter store where you can buy all kinds of souvenirs and decorative objects.
  • Stella Maris In the Nine Streets area. I love it. You can buy facial, body care products. You can even have a drink in their small cafeteria inside the store and buy their own mineral water.


  • Blue Amsterdam 360 degrees. Located on the top floors of a shopping center on Kalverstraat Street and also accessed by Singel Street (next to the canal of the same name) it has panoramic and 360 degree views of all of Amsterdam. Perfect to have a quick snack or drink while enjoying the view.
  • Bistro Berlage. Without a doubt, one of my favorites in Amsterdam. It is located on Damrak Street between the building of the stock exchange called Beurs van Berlage and the Bijenkorf shopping center. This Art Deco style restaurant mixes gold, brick walls and blue velvet chairs. In addition to the nice deco, I have to highlight the food. Also, great wine and cocktails. I highly recommend this place.
  • Any of the Damstraat restaurants. There are a lot along the entire street, from Mexican restaurants, Italians, Greeks , etc.
  •  Pluk Cafe Café Pluk where you can enjoy one of the best brunch in Amsterdam. Its food is delicious and is one of the most «instagram» places in the city.
  • Van Rijn Kitchen & Bar. Located in Rembrandtplein. I loved this restaurant! It’s super cute! Very modern decorated and with a very good food and delicious cocktails. I will definitely go back!
  • The best chocolate strawberries, Polaberry. I have been following Polabur for many years, a Russian girl who lives in Amsterdam so I had to go to this place. It is beautifully decorated and of course, her chocolate strawberries are more than an excuse to go to her cute shop.
  • For cocktails, go to Pulitzer´s Bar or Botanique Bar. The first one is one of my favourites. The best thing is that you are inside a hotel. Ultimately I must say that I love to eat or have a coffee or cocktail in a hotel. The atmosphere is super nice and is usually a very relaxed place to have a little rest with soft music.  The Pause at Pulitzer bar is very nice, in an Art Deco style and green velvet chairs with golden color. Lately, I´ve become a fan of this type of decoration, lol. If you go in summer, there are two terraces so you can eat or have drinks outside. In winter, instead, they had a  huge and beautiful Christmas tree. The Pulitzer’s Bar is another great option within the same hotel. It has been voted the best hotel bar in 2019. The Botanique Bar is a nice option too and is full of plants inside, but perhaps the downside is that it is further, but it is worth it.
  • Bam Boa Great decoration and healthy dishes, it becomes the best option for breakfast, lunch or dinner and why not, for a cocktail or a sangria. This is Kae Sutherland‘s restaurant, a girl I´ve been following on Instagram for a while. This is your place if you are looking for a cool place to photograph.
  • Mama Kelly. Another one of those perfect places for your Instagram with pink walls and velvet pink sofas. Again, a very nice Art Deco style. The food is also very good.
  • For the best shakes, go to Ree7.
  • Another of my favourites in Amsterdam is Café de Paris and Metropolitain. They are two different places within the same restaurant. I usually go to one of the two when I’m in Amsterdam. The Café de Paris has a French atmosphere with industrial decoration. Inside it communicates with another part of the restaurant expressly for dinner with a much more elegant atmosphere and where to try typically French food such as Côte de Bœuf, escargots or onion soup. The Metropolitain is located under the Cafe de Paris. It is usually full of young people on weekends looking for a nice brunch.
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I must say that all the recommendations you find in this post are expressly mine because I’ve been to all of them and I have expressly selected the ones that I liked the most. This post is not sponsored by any of the places that I write about here.

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★ Day Tours en Amsterdam

Finally, you have here the link to several activities to do in Amsterdam that you can not miss. I recommend you the excursion to Edam and to the green mills of Zaanse Schans and also, the Heineken Experience plus boat ride along the water canals.

If you have any questions or questions, you can send me an email or write it in comments.

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Thank you so much for reading me.

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