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Discover Rovaniemi: Arctic Light Hotel


Discover Rovaniemi: Arctic Light Hotel

Hello Nextinationers,

A little over a week ago we arrived to Rovaniemi, the heart of Lapland, the coldest region of Finland. At the airport we were greeted by Santa’s helpers. Everything promised from the beginning that this would be a unique experience.

We stayed at the Arctic Light Hotel. When we arrived at the hotel I realized that it was the kind of hotel I had always imagined in Lapland. It was a postcard.

The Nordic design, as it could not be otherwise, was simply incredible. Once again it showed me that Scandinavians know a lot about design. From all the Nordic hotels where we have been, this one was outstanding.

Inspired as it could not be otherwise in Lapland, the decoration was based on reindeer-horned wood lamps, pictures of polar bears decorating the walls and as stuffed animals in the lobby -not real ones btw- and in the shower of our bedroom. This is because the Hotel wants to raise awareness about the threat of climate change

Polar bears are incredible agile animals with great strength and endurance. Unfortunately, its natural habitat is under great threat of global warming.

This hotel collaborates and helps WWF raise awareness about the threat of global warming and polar bear habitat. Do not you think it’s an incredible initiative? Ole for this hotel!

I loved the detail of the fireplace in the lobby and the wooden logs. It could not be more cozy or more «Hygge» (if you still do not know what Hygge is click for more info)

The hotel is located in the building that housed the old Town Hall of the city, which would be commissioned by the architect Ferdinand Salokangas, during the reconstruction of the city of Rovaniemi after the Second World War.

Let’s recall that Rovaniemi was completely destroyed in October 1944 when the Germans were retreating from Russia. The new Town Hall opened its doors in 1949, and was functioning as such until 1988, the year in which it was moved to its current location.

From the original  building of the old Town Hall, the Arctic Light Hotel still conserves, for example, the original carved wooden doors of the Board Room, work of the artist Paavo Tynell.

Many of the details have been preserved and the hotel is full of character and history. In 2004 it became apartments and commercial spaces in 2004 but in 2013 Mikael Gröhn had the idea of ​​renovating the building again and this time in a modern and high quality boutique hotel.

The plans proceeded quickly. The design allocation of the new hotel was awarded to the leading hotel and restaurant architect in Finland, Mr. Jaakko Puro. All rooms and areas should be spacious and designed with personality and high quality.

The hotel has 57 rooms divided into three types: Magic, Arctic, Polar and the Aurora Loft. Magic rooms are the smallest, ideal for couples, and have a surface of 26m2.

The Arctic rooms have an area of ​​36m2. We were staying in one of the Arctic rooms that have the bedroom separated from the living room area.

Polar category rooms have their own sauna. The Polar Plus are ideal for families, as they have a separate and cozy living room, equipped with a large flat screen TV. The rooms have King Size beds and bathrooms with rain shower cabin. A room on street level has its own private entrance. The Suites have a fireplace, in the bathroom they have a separate shower and bathtub and they have a balcony with views of the city.

Finally, they have «The Christmas Hut» which is a cozy and warm cabin located a few steps from the main building of the Arctic Light Hotel. The large Christmas themed cabin has a living room with dining table for 4 people, 1 bedroom and separate shower and bathroom.

Finally, the Aurora Loft is located on the top floor, and has large windows on the roof … cross your fingers if you stay in one of them. Who knows, you’re still surprised by a northern lights on your bed in the center of Rovaniemi.

Something common to all rooms is that they have an espresso machine. If you have not traveled to Finland before, this detail may not seem important to you. It is a machine of the style to the Nesspreso in its Finnish version, and also has chocolate capsules to encourage the little ones (or the less coffee growers).


Breakfast has been devised by a famous chef and television presenter who has created a rich, healthy and varied buffet. We will find hot, cold dishes, fruits, smoothies … even raw food (that for which no fire is used, no oven in its preparation so that food does not lose its properties).

For lovers of croissant and cholesterol (I include myself), you will also find varied pastries but above all, this breakfast you will is healthy and with energized food,  because breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but most people are usually too busy to prepare a simple breakfast.

And again coffee … a quality espresso machine. Or cappuccino … One does not realize how important coffee is for Spaniards until they are  eating breakfast in another country.

The cuisine of The Arctic Boulevard is inspired by the ocean and the forest. Berries, herbs and wild vegetables create a balanced and seasonal menu with seafood and game from the northern forests, the lakes of Lapland and the Arctic Ocean. Lasiterassi is a great room for a cold night in your winter garden.

You can enjoy breakfast Monday through Friday from 7 am to 10 am and weekends from 8 am to 11 am.

Breakfast is included in the price of the room. You can also buy breakfast for € 24 / person.

¡No se ha encontrado la galería!

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  1. Wow. What a stunning hotel. I love the decor. It looks like such a relaxing and restorative place. The breakfast sounds and look incredible. You can really tell that they put a lot of thought behind every piece of decor. I really appreciate that they offer a wide variety of food to fit every diet! I will definitely keep this hotel in mind if I’m even in the Laplands!

  2. Wow this looks like a fairy tale! The decor kind of gives me The Golden Compass vibes. I wish I had the budget to stay in a place like this, it sounds magical, especially the Christmas Hut.

  3. First time hearing about Rovaniemi and its history. Glad to know about the Arctic Light hotel’s awareness act on the threat to climate change. Out of Arctic, Polar and Aurora Loft rooms, I would love to stay and enjoy the cozy rooms along with the hot sauna.

  4. Heh! That’s like Lapland on steroids… just every small feature reminds of the North. It looks lovely and comfortable, nice to sit next to a panoramic window, drinks warm chocolate and looks on the cold outside.
    …there is just one thing I have a bit of an issue with… the polar bear posters… there are no polar bears in Lapland 🙂

  5. Wow the Arctic light hotel is a must do ! I enjoyed so much looking at the design. All the details are perfectly connected and fit great to the snowy ambient. Not to mention the food which looks incredible and I am sure it tastes delicious as well.

  6. Arctic Light Hotel looks like a perfect stay in the coldest region of Lapland. It is great that the Suites have a fireplace and the bathroom has a separate shower and bathtub. Good that balcony of suites have the views of the city.

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