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Discover Yorkshire in England

Hello Nextinationers,

As many of you know, in September I visited Leeds and Yorkshire thanks to Iambassador and visit Leeds. So, if you are in Leeds, you can not miss the opportunity to discover Yorkshire.

You can read my post about Leeds below, but in this one, I would like to tell you everything we did in Yorkshire.

Yorkshire, is the largest extension of England and one of the most beautiful ones. It is located close to the city of York and Leeds and consists of two major national parks: The Dales and the Moors.


How to get there:

We left Leeds and it took us about 30 minutes to arrive to Masham.  If you travel from York it will also take you around 30 minutes and from Manchester, around two and a half hours. Also, I think it is a good idea to do night in one of the towns of Yorkshire, becoming this way the perfect weekend getaway.


What to do in Yorkshire?

  • Bike Tour: One of the most incredible things to do in Yorkshire is to ride a Boom Mustang. Those big 3-seater bikes that they are in the American films and in the Route 66. In fact, this company was born in 2012 after the owner watched a series called «Billy Connolly Cruising Route 66″ in which, a biker like this one crossed the Route 66 in a Boom Mustang. Aboard this bike, our driver showed us during 2 hours, the wonderful scenery of Yorkshire, full of sheep and beautiful in this time of the year as all the leaves were changing colours. These circuits have an inter-Communicator system on board, so through headphones, you can hear what the driver is explaining about the places you pass by and you can also communicate through them with the driver. It was an incredible experience!! They have several tours. More information here.

Yorkshire Yorkshire

  • Visit the village of Pateley Bridge. A beautiful medieval village full of charm that has served as inspiration to many British writers. You can find out more information here. 

Yorkshire Yorkshire

  • Eat in a typical British pub like the Bay Horse in Masham. Do not miss their homemade soups, always with seasonal products and their sausages.


  • Visit a Gin distillery such as Spirit of Masham, in the village of the same name. It was one of those unique experiences. I have been to wine/cider tastings and wineries before but this was the first time I have visited a gin distillery. The owners of Spirit of Masham told us all the history of their gin. Next, we visited the cisterns where alcohol is distilled, and where the bottling and labelling process is carried out. Finally, what caught my attention was the fact that we could create our own gin and even distill it. It was definitely an amazing experience. We were able to choose between several spices, extracts of flowers and seeds, we took the recommended amount for each ingredient, mixing them and, finally, distilling it.  I was the most amazing  souvenir ever. I called it «Nextination» based on Citrus notes website: You also can do this workshop. More info here.

Spirit of Masham Gin Spirit of Masham Gin Spirit of Masham Gin Spirit of Masham Gin Spirit of Masham Gin

It was great to spend a few days discovering Leeds and also visit Yorkshire.  

If you have any questions, you can send me an email or let me know in comments.

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Thank you so much for reading me.

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