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Mallorca Travel guide: Discover the East part of the island

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Mallorca is one of my favorite places to spend the summer. It is an island that has it all: good weather, dreamy beaches, turquoise waters, delicious cuisine and beautiful landscapes. What else could you ask for?

One of the areas that I like the most in Mallorca is the eastern part of the island, so in this post I am going to tell you everything you cannot miss in this part of the island, the best beaches, where to stay, best restaurants and other recommendations. Let’s start!


Mallorca travel guide: discover the east part of the island

Where to stay

Our hotel was located in Cala D´Or, literally next to the beach. The town is beautiful and very small and is located just 63 kilometers from the capital, Palma de Mallorca.

From our hotel there was a little train that took us to the town center of Cala D´Or in 10 minutes. This little train stops at various places in town but also it goes to Marina Cala D´Or, the Harbour, my favourite part. Cala D´Or is an ideal place for families, couples and sailing lovers. However, any town in the East is ideal to stay.

Here is a link for you to find the hotel that suits best for you.


The eastern beaches of Mallorca

Este Mallorca

I can not choose only one between all the «calas» -beaches-in the East. They are all beautiful and have turquoise waters, but among all of them, the most beautiful, in my opinion, are these ones:

  • Caló des Moro.
  • Cala Llombards.
  • Cala Figuera
  • Cala Mondragó
  • Cala d’Or
  • Cala Esmeralda
  • Cala Mitjana
  • Cala Varques
  • Cala Romántica
  • Cala Mendía
  • Cala Anguila
  • Cala Millor
  • Cala Rajada
  • Cala Mesquida
  • Cala Torta 


What to do and see in the Eastern Mallorca

  • Take a walk through the small town of Portopetro.
  • Enjoy an incredible dinner with the best views in Marina de Cala D´Or. If you are staying near Cala D´Or, in the southeast of Mallorca, you can not miss coming to dine at the Marina of Cala D´Or. A very special place to enjoy the best food on the island, watching the best sunsets while watching the boats and yachts of the Marina. A very quiet place compared to the bustle of the center of Cala D´Or. Here you will find Mediterranean, French, Italian, Chinese or Japanese food. I loved these restaurants «Yaya´s», «Port Petit» and «Á Table».
Marina Cala D´or
Marina Cala D´or
  • Rent a boat even if you don’t have the boat captain license. You won’t need it for these types of boats. A great plan to make a day during your stay on the island, since the eastern area is perfect for sailing and enjoying the best coves in Mallorca.
  • Este MallorcaSpend a day at the Cala D´Or Yacht Club. Located in the Marina of Cala D´Or. It has day passes so you can enjoy its facilities, such as the Spa and the infinity pool. You can also use the restaurants, such as the Mediterranean-style one, which serves meals in the garden overlooking the yachts. In summer they have live music.
  • Enjoy a walking tour or a horse ride through the Mondrago Park, 766 natural hectares. There are four routes that will take you to impressive viewpoints with crystal clear bays. This park is a special bird protection area. You can also enjoy the coves, like the most famous one called Cala Mondragó. The Rancho Grande company organizes horseback riding around here. More info in this link.
  • Visit Portocolom, a charming traditional fishing village, nestled in an irregularly shaped bay. You cannot miss the view with the lighthouse in the background and the boats anchored creating a very picturesque view.
  • Fall in love with Cala Figuera. It is one of the most picturesque sites on the entire island. The landscape is dominated by fishing boats floating on the crystal clear waters of Mallorca dotted with fishing houses with their green doors and windows, where local people sew the nets and let them dry in the sun. Prepare your camera because you are going to use it a lot, this town is a real postcard.
 Cala Figuera
Cala Figuera
  • There are multitude of caves in eastern Mallorca such as Cuevas Dels Hams, Cuevas del Drach and Cuevas de Artá. Cuevas del Drach are the most popular on the island but I have to say that all three are so beautiful. In the case of Cuevas del Drach are four large caves that are connected to each other. They have been formed by the action of rainwater and are very old. They also host one of the largest underground lakes in the world and live classical music concerts are offered daily. Cuevas dels Hams are famous for their hook-shaped formations, called hams in Majorca. They were discovered in 1905. Cuevas de Artá seemed to me to be the most spectacular, highlighting the Queen of Columns, the room called Hell and Purgatory.
    •  Cuevas dels Hams
       Cuevas dels Hams
  • Live an unforgettable adventure at Rafa Nadal Museum Xperience. Two floors full of emotion, learning, fun and sports. More information by clicking on the link.
  • Do a tasting of local wines. It is possible to make a tasting of local wines in various wineries located in the East of Mallorca. In fact, this area had a great winemaking importance in the 19th century and exported many wines to France. However, this heyday ended when the phylloxera, an aphid that attacks the vine and ended most of the vineyards in Mallorca. Today, these have been recovered. I recommend the winery called Es Fangar, also Miquel Gelabert winery, where although the vineyards are not in the East of the island and therefore cannot be visited, it is possible to make a tasting of the wines they produce accompanied by a local homemade product to chop. Finally, there are also the Pere Seda wineries.

There are endless activities to do in the east of Mallorca.. Above all, I recommend that you buy the tickets to visit Cuevas del Drach in advance.

I hope you have enjoyed this post «Mallorca Travel Guide, the East of the island».

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