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The 10 best Cafes in Moscow that you can’t miss

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Previously I have been writing about the different locations to see in Moscow, however today I bring you a different post and is to share with you the top ten cafes in Moscow, in my opinion. Top about what? I have to say that Moscow has a very rich culture of coffee in general and that it is difficult to find a place that does not have good coffee. Still, here I have compiled the 10 coffee places that I like most due either where they are located, the taste of coffee and/or  the decoration of the site.

Scramble Cafe

One of my favorites places for the coffee is Scramble. It belongs to the Friends Forever group that have several other cafes in Moscow. The truth is, they’re all amazing. Here you will find the best brunches. The best thing is they have breakfasts all day. The specialty of this Scramble Cafe is waffles. One of my favorite dishes are the Benedictine eggs with waffles or waffles with red berries and hot sauce, you can not go without trying them. The coffees are also delicious,  even they have a «unicorn» coffee with the colors of the rainbow. They open at 8 in the morning included on weekends. You must book in advance, especially if you go on weekends.

[wp-svg-icons icon=»home» wrap=»span»] Calle Spiridonovka 24/1

[wp-svg-icons icon=»phone» wrap=»span»] + 7 (495) 691-18-50

[wp-svg-icons icon=»alarm-2″ wrap=»span»] Opening hours: 08:00 -23:00

[wp-svg-icons icon=»connection» wrap=»I»] http://www.friends-forever.ru/en/

Upside Down Cake Cafe

Another of my favorite definitely and they also have breakfasts and all-day brunch. They also sell the best cupcakes, cakes and tarts. You have to try the Red Velvet cupcake and the lemon, orange and fruit cakes, in addition to their carrot cake. Here you will also find main dishes such as pasta, meat, fish, burgers or others and drink have coffees and teas, wines and cocktails. They also have children’s menu. I love the décor. They have several branches in Moscow but I love the one located at Prospect Mira. It is also perfect if you are going to spend the day at the Botanical Garden, since it is next door. Another one that I like is the one in the Afi Mall, perfect to rest after a day of shopping. You can not stop ordering their eggs Benedictines and their creamy Lemongrass Cafe.

[wp-svg-icons icon=»home» wrap=»span»] Prospect Mira, 26. STR 1. 129090 Moscow./Presneskaya Naberezhnaya 2 Afi Mall. 123317 Moscow.

[wp-svg-icons icon=»phone» wrap=»span»] + 74993903791/+ 7 499 390 60 56

[wp-svg-icons icon=»connection» wrap=»I»] Website: http://upsidedowncake.ru/en

[wp-svg-icons icon=»envelop» wrap=»span»] idc_mira@iconfood.ru/udc_afimall@iconfood.ru

[wp-svg-icons icon=»alarm-2″ wrap=»span»] Monday to Friday from 8.00-23.00 hours and Saturdays and Sundays from 10.00-23.00 hours/Monday to Friday 10.00-22.00 hours.

Upside Down Cake

Upside Down CakeUpside Down Cake

Pushkin Patisserie

It is one of the most famous, most classic and most renowned in Moscow. Here it seems that you go back in time  and you feel in Paris, in a French palace of the eighteenth century, as if you were having tea with the very Maria Antonietta. In fact, in Paris they have three other cafes with the same name. It is the most French and très chic coffee in the city.

You will be surrounded by classic sculptures while you taste a coffee with one of its cakes and sweets, which are true works of art: macaroons or desserts like the one in the form of a book called «Pushkin Fairytales» (Aleksandr Pushkin is among the great Russian writers, Along with Dostoevsky and Tolstoy, and is the most beloved by the Russians) another so-called Black Forest dessert in the shape of Russian dome, the Napoléon cake, the delicious Eclairs and thousands of other delicacies. Although it is not within reach of all the pockets but it is definitely worth to come here even if it is to have just a coffee or tea to see and get into the atmosphere.

In 2006, the patisserie «Café Pushkin» was inaugurated next to the famous restaurant that is located right next to the Patisserie. Andrey Dellos, who personally oversaw interior decorating, turned it into a symbol of Moscow, in a refined and sophisticated French patisserie, with a luxury baroque sideboard with ancient Chinese porcelain, and also antique furniture. The staff is also dressed in the spirit of the time.

[wp-svg-icons icon=»connection» wrap=»I»] www.sweetpushkin.ru

[wp-svg-icons icon=»home» wrap=»span»]  Moscow, Tverskoy Boulevard, 26

[wp-svg-icons icon=»alarm-2″ wrap=»span»] 10-00 to 23-00

[wp-svg-icons icon=»phone» wrap=»span»]: + 7 (495) 266-41-57

Café PushkinCafé PushkinCafé Pushkin

Cafe Pushkin Moscow


Another of the sites that breathes Parisian air on all four sides is the famous patisserie Ladurée, famous among other things, for its delicious Macaroons.. Sweets can be enjoyed inside the cafe , as it has 7 tables, or to take away.  The interior is in the style of Louis XIV. The teas, candies and the accessories are brought from France.

[wp-svg-icons icon=»home» wrap=»span»] Malaya Bronnaya 27/14, Moscow

[wp-svg-icons icon=»alarm-2″ wrap=»span»]: Timetable: 9.00-22.00



Coffeemania is a Moscow-based restaurant chain that was established in 2001. One of my favourites is at the square where the Moscow Conservatory building is located. The food is very tasty and the coffee, the cakes and tarts are delicious. Do not fail to try Matcha Latte, Latte Singapore, Almond Cappuccino, and the Raf Turmeric. It is also designed for children, having culinary workshops, including pizza preparation and various animators for them.

[wp-svg-icons icon=»connection» wrap=»I»] Website: https://coffeemania.ru

[wp-svg-icons icon=»home» wrap=»I»] Bol’shaya Nikitskaya Ulitsa, 13/6, стр. 1, Moskva, 125009

[wp-svg-icons icon=»alarm-2″ wrap=»span»] Open 24 hours.

David Bowie Cafe

This small coffee joint it’s my favorite in Moscow. With its amazing decor, all with references to Bowie and its cozy and hipster atmosphere, Marshall loudspeakers, lights and cactuses. I like that it also has 3 different spaces. One with the counter, where you order the coffee and pay, and two separate rooms where you sit down to enjoy your delicious coffee, seriously one of the best I have ever tasted.

It is best to accompany it with one of its wonderful croissants: strawberry, apple, chocolate, cheese and lemon. They bake them right there and they are the richest croissants I’ve ever tasted. It also has a window on the street so you can order the coffee and the croissant to take away, without having to get inside. Very handy if you go with a baby stroller .

Obviously the coffee is named because it is decorated with pictures of David Bowie. Although his songs were banned in the USSR for many years, the Russians found ways to listen to his music. And they loved their music. David Bowie visited Russia three times. During his first trip from April to May 1973, he spent three days in Moscow visiting the May parade, GUM and the Kremlin Armory and even made a train ride in Russia in the spring of 1973. His next trip was in April 1976, when he was traveling with the American rock star Iggy Pop. On his last trip in 1996 he gave his first and last performance in Russia at the Kremlin Palace in Moscow *.

[wp-svg-icons icon=»home» wrap=»I»] Bol’shoy Palashevskiy Pereulok, 8, Moskva, 123104

[wp-svg-icons icon=»phone» wrap=»span»] 8 (916) 917-27-73

[wp-svg-icons icon=»alarm-2″ wrap=»span»] M-F from 8.00-21.00 and weekends from 10.00-21.00

[wp-svg-icons icon=»connection» wrap=»I»] Website: https://www.facebook.com/Davidbcafe

David Bowie Cafe Moscow David Bowie Cafe Moscow

David Bowie Cafe Moscow

David Bowie Cafe Moscow

Conversation Cafe

Another of the cafes that belong to friends Forever Café Group and have all-day breakfast. Their cakes are the most amazing I have ever seen and they are delicious. Their brunch dishes are amazing. Do not forget to order here your pancakes accompanied by a «popsicle» of different flavors. It is another of my favorites and as soon as you know why.

[wp-svg-icons icon=»home» wrap=»I»] St. Bolshaya Nikitskaya 23/14/9

[wp-svg-icons icon=»phone» wrap=»span»] + 7 (985) 443-73-44

[wp-svg-icons icon=»alarm-2″ wrap=»span»] Working hours 08:00 A. M till 00:00

[wp-svg-icons icon=»connection» wrap=»I»] www.friends-forever.ru/en/

Conversation CafeConversation CafeConversation CafeConversation Cafe

Conversation Cafe

Vogue Cafe

This café linked to the Vogue fashion magazine, here in Moscow is joined to the Novikov Restoration group which includes several of the best and coolest restaurants and cafes in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Like the magazine, it exudes style and design inside. Here you can eat or dine in the part of the restaurant and have breakfast or snack in the pastry area, that has several delicatessen that you can accompany with a coffee, tea or a glass of champagne. The café is located in the center of the city, almost opposite the Bolshoi Theatre and the TSUM fashion galleries which are one of the most prestigious and most luxury and category in Moscow.

[wp-svg-icons icon=»home» wrap=»I»] Ulitsa Kuznetskiy Most, 7/9, Moskva, 107031

[wp-svg-icons icon=»alarm-2″ wrap=»span»] From Monday to Thursday 8.30 am-1.00 am/Fri from 8.30 am-2.00 am/Saturdays from 11.00 am-2.00 am and Sundays from 11.00 am-1.00 am.

[wp-svg-icons icon=»connection» wrap=»I»] http://novikovgroup.ru

[wp-svg-icons icon=»tags» wrap=»I»] Average price: 1 800rub.

Vogue Cafe Moscow


It is one of those places that you can not miss because it really surprises you. In the purest American style, this cafe makes the best hot-dogs in Moscow as well as the most amazing smoothies and you can find here several of the most original burgers in the city. If you are also looking for one of the most «instagram» sites in Moscow, this is definitely one of them. You just have to order one of their milkshakes, pink coffees, their ice cream with marshmallows in waffle cones or their blue or green soups. The cafe is small so I would recommend you booking in advance, especially if you plan to go on a weekend.

[wp-svg-icons icon=»home» wrap=»I»] Myasnitskaya Ulitsa, 11, Moskva, 101000

[wp-svg-icons icon=»alarm-2″ wrap=»span»] Domingos a Miércoles de 11.00- 23.00 y Viernes y Sábados de 11.00-0.00

[wp-svg-icons icon=»connection» wrap=»I»] https://sos.cafe






This one I discovered in St. Petersburg for the first time, but I was very pleased to find a branch in Moscow. Is one of those places to visit to have a good breakfast or brunch or even to have a dinner or a drink in the evening. Its decor is amazing! In addition, because is in the top of the building,  it has incredible views of one of the most beautiful and charming Orthodox churches in Moscow, characterized by its blue-colored domes. 

[wp-svg-icons icon=»home» wrap=»I»] Bolshoi Putinkovskiy Ln., 5, Moscow 127006, Russia

[wp-svg-icons icon=»alarm-2″ wrap=»span»] Schedule. S-W 10.00-24.00 and Thursdays and Fridays until 3.00 am.

[wp-svg-icons icon=»connection» wrap=»I»] Website: http://www.schastye.com/


French inspiration

The truth is that it is not surprising, that when you make the recap of the best coffees places,  are all French or French-inspired. In France there is something like «L’art de vivre»-«The art of living». That is to say, enjoy every moment, enjoy your work, spend time in the picnic at the park with your family, develop, learn all the new. And, of course, the most important thing for a true Frenchman: every morning start with a breakfast at your favorite bakery. Russian nobility had big influence  from France, including language, as they love to spoke in French.  In the eighteenth century the Frenchman conquered Russia and became the unofficial language of the aristocracy.

It all began with the reforms of Peter the Great. The third Romanov Tsar changed the country’s direction drastically. His dream was to turn Russia into a European power. To achieve this, he was not only involved in a series of wars but changed the manners of high society: he forced the nobles to shave their long beards, introduced European clothing and sent them to study to the West. Thus, in the eighteenth century, the meetings of the high society began with conversations in foreign languages.

The Russian nobility even spent the winters in the south of France as in Biarritz and in Nice where they arrived on a railroad that came from Moscow and St. Petersburg via Paris. They sought the shelter of a temperate climate, with the intention of not returning until the snow blown in Russia. *

Russian delicacies

One of the things you can not fail to taste if you come to Moscow are the typical Russian sweets.

  • Sirniki: that fried cottage accompanied of sour sauce. It’s delicious. You can not leave Moscow without trying the local delicacies.
  • Napoleon: According to legend, the Napoleon cake was invented to honor the 100 years since the victory against the French Army in 1812. This multi-layered pastry cream cake is the first choice for any party in Russia. You can find similar cakes in other countries: the French call it Millefeuille (one thousand layers, in Spanish), in the United Kingdom it is known as «vanilla slice», whereas in Belgium it is named Tompouce. This cake is creamy and tender; It just melts in your mouth. And you can do it easily at home.
  • Medovik or Honey Cake: The sweet history of the honey cake begins in the early nineteenth century in the kitchen of Emperor Alexander I. His wife, the Empress Isabel, could not bear the honey, any dish made with it drove her crazy. One day, however, a young confectioner who was new to Imperial cuisine was not warned, so he baked a new cake with honey and thick sour cream. Surprisingly, and oblivious to the mellow content, Empress Isabel fell in love with the delicious pudding immediately.  Today, there are numerous variations of Medovik: With condensed milk, butter cream or pastry cream.

More Russian delicacies you’ll want to try

  • Moskva or Moscow cake: This new cake was developed in 2015 and has become a culinary symbol of the Russian capital. The dessert won its title after more than 200,000 people vote for it. It is full of walnuts and condensed milk, has four layers with cream and is covered with red glaze. It is served everywhere in the Russian capital.
  • Tulski Prianik or Tula cake. The ‘ Honey bread ‘, known since ancient Egyptians ‘ days, appeared in the territory of Russia today in the 9th century. Then the gingerbreads were made of a mixture of rye flour with honey and fruit juice from the forest. In fact, their historical name was received after these candies were started to add spices from India and the Middle East, back in the 12th and 13th centuries. The best known gingerbreads in Russia is from Tula, which in general is a rectangular tablet with a filling of jam or condensed milk that is produced in companies in the city of Tula, located approximately 200 kilometers south of Moscow.
  • Prague cake: The most chocolate cake in Russia, no doubt. Prague was developed by the same confectioners of the restaurant ‘ Praga ‘ responsible for the cake Ptichie Molokó in the decade of 1970, and symbolizes the pinnacle of the Soviet glamour and luxury. Its flavor is similar to that of the famous Sacher cake, but its recipe contains other ingredients based on butter and condensed milk. This variation of the Viennese cake «Sacher» has a very distant relationship with Prague, the Czech capital. Its author, Vladimir Guralnik himself, at the beginning of his career studied pastry with the Masters of Czechoslovakia who regularly arrived in Moscow to exchange experiences. To prepare the cake you need four types of cream, which contain cognac and other liquors, and the dough is soaked with rum. In the recipe of the Viennese model there is nothing of cream. Unlike its most successful competitor, ‘ Bird’s milk ‘, the Prague recipe was not patented and can now be prepared by any bakery.  
  • Rum Baba: It’s a kind of cake stuffed with liquor, usually rum. The name means «old woman» or «grandmother» in Slavic languages; Babka is a diminutive of baba or in Russian «Babushka».

* Taken from the Web page https://es.rbth.com/

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