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What to do in Moscow with Kids

Hello Nextinationers,

If you want to discover how Moscow is with children, you can not miss this post. Moscow is one of the cities where I have been most fond of children. There are thousands of sites designed for them. Many restaurants and cafes also where they have a space to play, maternity rooms, rooms to change them, etc … In addition, you can ask for taxis with special chair of babies or children, something that I have not seen in any other country. So if you come with children, do not worry about this issue, not here.


One of the things you can’t miss is the wonderful Moscow Aquarium, located in the VDKNh park, so it becomes the perfect plan to spend a whole day. In the park there is a rental service for skates, bicycles, etc.

The Moscow Aquarium is one of the largest in the world. The display is arranged by “seas”, so it covers fauna from the Arctic waters to the tropical Amazon basin. You can see more than 80,000 animals in like jellyfish, piranhas, penguins … highlights a huge tank with manta-rays.

It is also possible to see the animals when they are being fed, as well as some synchronized swimming squad show inside the pools with the fish and one of the things I like the most: the tunnel where you are suddenly surrounded by thousands of fish including several sharks passing over you. You can even live the experience of swimming with dolphins.

But what is really amazing about the Aquarium, is the aquatic show called “The Secret of the Four Oceans”, a unique aquatic show with the participation of marine animals. It tells the story of a young inventor who creates a time machine and makes a trip to the World Ocean. The hero will visit different parts of the world and discover many secrets with the main stars of the show: dolphins, belugas, walruses and killer whales will help him in this. A show that you can’t miss.

 It has been one of the shows that most caught my attention. You will see three killer-whales swimming and jumping in front of you. If you want to live an incredible experience, sit in the front rows. They will give you a raincoat because you will literally get soaked.

TIP: book the tickets online and avoid the queue.

Opening Times: Open everyday from 10.00-22.00
Price: 500 rubles. Better to buy online the tickets in advance. http://tickets.moskvarium.ru


This museum is more an interactive classroom of puzzles, games and physics that come to life. Designed for curious children in mind, it aims to fascinate with the wonders of science. For instance, the incredible musical room with its electric guitar and drums, those addictive building blocks, and  also you could discover how tornadoes are formed and what is the logic behind all magnets.

In addition they have a cloud generator pole or you could perform the design of Leonardo da Vinci and make a bridge without a single nail.

The museum covers the main topics of school physics: mechanics, molecular physics, electricity and magnetism, optics, physics, hydrodynamics, optical illusions, puzzles, etc. And there are usually anatomical exhibitions, illusions and riddles.

Guided tours are available in english! Duration of the tour is approximately 1 hour. After the tour you will have 1 hour free time to explore the museum. To find out more details, please contact them via email: enjoy@experimentanium.ru. Cost : 4500 rubles for the english-speaking guide + tickets.

Opening Times: Mon–Fri 9.30-19.00 and Sat–Sun: 10:00–20:00
Price:  Child ticket (3-16 y.o.) — 250 rub. Adult ticket — 350 rub. On weekends the price rises by 100 rub.
Children under 3 enter for free


Spending the day at the Zoo is also one of the best plans that you can do in Moscow. The zoo includes a small aquarium, with several penguins, an aviary, a part where nocturnal animals, sea lions are exhibited … all surrounded by vegetation, a small lake, waterfalls and streams.

It has two parts, the old part and the new part, since it was extended not long ago. They communicate by a passage.

It has more than 6500 animals among giraffes, zebras, lions, tigers, penguins, flamingos, primates, tapirs, reptiles, etc. In addition there is a part with merry-go-rounds, little trains and other attractions for the little ones to have fun.

Is really big, but there plenty of refreshment sites and snack bars all over the place to power up your little ones.

 [wp-svg-icons icon=»gift» wrap=»I»] TIP: book the tickets online and avoid the queue. 

Opening Times: Closed Mondays. Rest of the days 7.30-22.00 h.
Price: 400 rubles. Best to buy it online at least one day in advance to avoid queues.
Address:Krasnopresnenskaya 240 m, Barrikadnaya 280 m, Ulitsa 1905 goda 960 Moscow, 1, Bolshaya Gruzinskaya Street

The State Darwin Museum

The State Darwin Museum is one of the Moscow museums that may be interesting and enjoyable for both adults and children. The museum was growing and developing over the years. Today it is proud of rich collections and expositions presented here. The museum was established in 1907 and became the first museum of natural history in Russia.

One of the largest collections of birds, exposition of ‘microfragments’ of the Earth’s greatest ecosystems and collection of animals, living in all climatic zones: from North Pole to the South, are presented here.

In one of the museum rooms, definitely one of the children’s most favorite room, special machines which imitate birds’ voices are presented.

Opening Times: Monday closes. Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 10.00-18.00. Thursday from 10.00-21.00
Price: 400 rubles. Free entrance for kids under 7

How to get there: On foot: from the metro station Akademicheskaya ” 10-15 minutes on the left side of the street Dmitry Ulyanov in the direction of Leninsky Prospekt to the street. Vavilov; from the metro station “University” on trams 14 and 39 to the stop “Darwinovsky Museum”. By car: entrance to the parking lot from the side of Vavilov street.  Attention! On the territory of the museum there is a parking for 60 cars. On weekends and holidays, the number of vacant seats is limited.


Optical Illusions Museum

It is located on Old Arbat Street. Visitors participate in the paintings and play to get into them, creating this effect of optical illusion. It’s about creating fun pictures.

The optical illusion is a phenomenon that consists of a wrong visual perception of the shape, dimensions or color of an object. As a result, moving objects appear in still images, flat images suddenly become three-dimensional, and so on. On the floor, there are painted posters that show the best place to take photos.

Therefore, you can pretend that you swim in the Titanic, that you are part of the giant toys or that you rescue zombies … You can feel like a tightrope walker or dine with the Disney characters; sit down and discuss research papers with Lenin or try to win judo with Vladimir Putin.

Sweet Museum

Here the adults will make a trip to their childhood, to a time where you enjoyed eating cotton candy … there are unicorns, flying bananas, several rooms where children and parents will enjoy equally. It is the same style as the “Museum of Ice Cream” that travels the United States.

Very instagramable place!

Opening Times: 12.00-0.0

Price: 450 rubles

Address ul. Novy Arbat, 24 (estaciones de metro Smolenskaya o Arbatskaya)

Sweet Museum Moscow

Museum of Sweet MoscowMuseum of Sweet Moscow

Museum of sweets MoscowMuseum of sweets Moscow

Moscow Cats Theatre

The Kuklachov Cat Theater is very popular in Moscow, as it has very good reviews from the Muscovites. Through the cats that make adventures, the theater brings smiles and laughter to children and adults. This theater has been several times awarded with prizes from all over the world. His shows are hugely popular in the United States of America, Canada, Finland, China and Japan, where Yuri Kuklachev has taken his cats many times.

One of the oldest children’s theaters in Moscow, conceived and directed by the famous trainer Yuriy Kuklachev and his son Dmitry Kuklachev. In the performances, the cats fly in spaceships, sing in chorus, play musical instruments and do many other incredible things. In some performances up to 40 cats participate at the same time. Kuklachev devoted many years to these animals and his idea is that cats do not need to trained but play with them and develop in each animal their skills and talents. The auditorium is equipped with a special air conditioning system, thanks to which the risk of aggravation of allergies to pets, if the spectators have it, is minimal. The performances are interesting even for the youngest children.

 Opening Times: Daily from 11.00-18.00
Price: check the website

The Flying Banana Theatre

The Flying Banana Children’s Theater is the only theater in English for children in Moscow. British actors and musicians along with theater director Martin Cooke and sand artist Liliya Chistina will take their children to the wonderful world of fairy tales.

The theater is intended for children of two years. Martin Cooke is known for his daring ideas. They usually have very good narrative, charming puppets, accompanied by lovely music, which is the signature of this director. The company is headquartered in the Anglican Church and the Stanislavski Electro theater and also conducts tours of schools and theaters throughout the region.


Moscow Circus

The Russian circus in Moscow is an icon of Russian society. It has always been avant-garde in its performances and, without a doubt, is a world reference. It is characterized by the quality of its shows but also by working with incredible animals.

The “Moscow Circus” made its first tour in the west in 1956, debuting in Brussels, Belgium. The next stage was in Paris, which became the headquarters of their European tours over the years. For the Western public, the “Moscow Circus” was a revelation: the secret Soviet Union revealed to the world how the circus has evolved both technically and artistically in its country, especially since the opening of the innovative State College of Moscow for Circus and Varieties, in 1927, the first Circus University in the world.

Today, the title “Circus of Moscow” has become a commodity, sometimes registered with exclusive rights in one country or another, used to present shows involving Russian artists.

The title Moscow State Circus is used for a variety of circuses. More commonly, it refers to one of the two circus buildings in Moscow, the “Circus Nikulin” (the old circus, with acts of animals) and the “Circus Bolshoi” (the new circus, with trapezoids and acrobatics), or shows itinerant .

For many Muscovites, a visit to the circus is a mandatory and almost sacred event. To buy the tickets go to the circus box office or other ticket booths around the city, as well as online.


Here you can read all about VDNKh. One great option is go to the Aquarium that is in the same park.

Eight places you can not miss in Moscow

Boat by the Moscow River

It is one of the activities that I recommend most to friends and family who come to Moscow since it is a very beautiful and different way of getting to know the city. There are several companies that make these journeys. In Winter there are only one or two but in summer there are several. Personally, the one I like most is the Radisson company that comes out of the old Hotel Ukraine, which is currently the hotel Radisson.

The tour lasts about 2 hours and you can eat, dine or if you prefer to have a cup of coffee on board while enjoying the views thanks to its large windows.

The places seen from the ship are the Kremlin, St. Basil’s Cathedral, Moscow State University, the Moscow International Business Center, the Gorky Park, the Cathedral of Christ the Savior and many other places that have been built along the banks of the Moskva River for centuries from one of the hotel’s yachts.

Opening Times: From 10:00 am to 9:00 pm every hour or every two hours. Look at the website.
Price: adults 1100 rubles and kids 800 rubles.

Gorky Park

Most Instagrammable places in Moscow

The Moscow State Puppet Theater

The Moscow State Puppet Theater, named after Sergey Obraztsov, was founded in 1931. It is one of the most extraordinary places to visit in Moscow, it is not just a puppet show for children but also a parody theater with reference to the Soviet and modern Russian political context.

The founder of the theater is the prominent Russian artist, actor, director, painter and writer Sergey Obraztsov. The puppet theaters in many countries owe their establishment to the influence of Obraztsov. His collection of exotic puppets was the largest in Russia and one of the largest in the world.

His theater toured more than 350 cities in the USSR and 90 cities in foreign countries. During his numerous trips abroad, Obraztsov helped to popularize the art of puppets in the United States, Great Britain and other countries.

For eighty years of its existence, Obraztsov Puppet Theater has become the largest Puppet Art Center, a Puppet Art Academy and a unique Art Palace for children, youth and adults. There is no such theater in the whole world.

Price:  800-1500 rubles



Dietsky Mir or Children Shopping Mall

There are several in all Moscow but the main one is located at Lubianka, a 10 minute walk from the Red Square.

The building was erected in 1957 and became the symbol of the post-war renaissance of the Soviet Union. It was the largest children’s shop in the USSR and the first commercial facility where escalators were installed. In the store you can find products for children of all ages: toys, school uniforms, photography equipment, products for creativity. Apart from the toys, it offers its visitors a series of attractions. There is an interactive library and an aquarium. It also offers a light show about Russian history and a fun tour called Travel to Mars. The room nicknamed Magic is decorated with stained glass windows from ancient Moscow and the interactive coloring book Alice in Wonderland.

A six-year reconstruction of the store was completed in 2014: the main room of the building has been raised and today has a height equivalent to 7 floors, with an observation deck at the top. In the main central area you can see a huge clock mechanism made by the Petrodvorets Raketa watch factory.

Six months were necessary for the development and installation of the watch by a group of engineers from the “Raketa” watch factory. It is the largest clock mechanism in the world and is among the five largest mechanical watches in the world, such as Big Ben, the carillon of the Moscow Kremlin, the clock of the “Clock Tower” in Prague or the clock of the Ganzhou city.

It is said that the Marble for decoration was brought from the Ural Mountains.


Opening Times: 10.00-22.00

children shopping mall moscow dietsky mirchildren shopping mall moscow dietsky mirchildren shopping mall moscow dietsky mirchildren shopping mall moscow dietsky mir

Botanical Gardens

If you decide to go to the Botanical Garden, a good plan is to go to Café Ribambelle before or after. It is a chain of cafe restaurants in Moscow designed for parents and children. They have a huge area inside for children to play with thousands of toys and playgrounds. In addition, there are several workers who will be aware of the kids so the parents can seat and enjoy the food or the coffee. There is a wide variety of activities for children from the age of one year: cooking classes, early development center, art classes, creative workshops, ballet, modeling and much more. In addition, it is the perfect place to celebrate an important event or children’s birthday party. Here they will take care of the decoration, the cake and all the details.

Address: Botanicheskiy Pereulok, 5, Moskva, 129090.

Opening hours: 10.00-22.00

Danilovsky Market

This market is like others that we can find in other parts of the world. It was just renewed a year ago and there you will find very good quality products from different parts of the world, along with stalls where food can be purchased. The place is a curious construction, like a spaceship.

Now the Soviet-era farmers’ market is not just a place to get fresh produce. It is now home to a lot of small restaurants that can make breakfast super fresh and super international.

I recommend the juice or the freshly mixed mango smoothie in the Vietnamese position (Bô) for 350Rbl. Then, in Dagestanskaya Lavka, you can order a traditional “Dagestani” chudu (flat dough stuffed with meat or cheese) and a cup of Kalmykia tea. If you are looking for something even more abundant, I recommend the Israeli shakshuka (270Rbl) in The Hummus. You will also find delicious sweet and savory pastries here in the market. In the summer months, they have a  huge outdoor terrace.

Opening Times: Open 08:00 – 21:00.
Address: Myatnaya Street 7 Moscow, 115191  Tulskaya Metro Station.

Danilovsky Market MoscowDanilovsky Market MoscowDanilovsky Market Moscow

Izmailovo Market

You can read here all about the Izmailovo Market, the children will love it, just like the parents.

Eight places you can not miss in Moscow

There are many things to discover in Moscow. Also, there are some tours around the city that will help you discover it. Click on the image if you want to see more.

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